Monday, 10 October 2011

Opinions please

So its help me time, can I please have a bit of feedback.
What makes a perfect cookbook?

Apart from the restaurants recipe content, what would everyone like to see?

Suggestions please?


Our favourite food, things we like to make at home etc?


Bits around Nelson, the markets, fishing boats, orchards etc?


Something completely different?

Everyones feedback is welcome!


  1. Shelly's carrot cake + your cream cheese icing :D

  2. Anonymous, hmmmmm, you sound familiar.....
    I like your thinking!

  3. What I look for in a cookbook is healthy recipes using fresh ingredients (not too difficult), with pictures of all the recipes... and I would love to know what you make at home :)

  4. I agree with the ingredients - not too difficult incorporated with everyday ingredients or sub or alternative ingredients. I like an indication of prep time and cook time and def show pics of finished product. Perhaps show suggestions of accompaning courses and wines for those wanting to host a dinner party etc (perhaps the winemakers can sponsor your blog!)Your fav recipes and why would be great too.

  5. Awesome feedback - love the wine matching idea - the accompanying courses is exactly the layout we're looking at so great to hear from others who'd like to see this.

    Photos of all recipes - absolutely! This will be a very photo rich project. Not just the finished dish but processes as well.

    I'll be overseas visiting my soon-to-be inlaws for the next week and may post some of my recipes if I get a chance to make and photograph them.

  6. Excellent suggestions, I recomend the wine makers sponsor our next photoshoot (hiccup).....haha!

  7. I love the Italian type cookbooks that have gorgeous photography but also give you a bit of an insight into the chef and his/her life in the area they live so you kinda feel like you know them a little bit by the end of the book. So including some gorgeous Nelson stuff wd be good - especially yr suppliers.

  8. Great suggestions Kathy,
    A lot of interest in Nelson Wines, produce, and the region itself it would seem.
    Excellent, that's kind of the direction we were heading.
    So lots of Nelson, lots of photos, lots of products, and lots of recipes.

  9. Yes to beer! Also, focus on local producers by name. Don't be fussy, with the recipes, either; food porn is wonderful, but think of who comes into your restaurant - that's your reader!

  10. Excellent suggestions!
    Monica, you are right. The idea behind this blog was to;

    A) Build interest and momentum for the book

    B) Find out exactly what people were interested in so as not to make a meal( food humour!!) of it!

    C) Share the fun, the ups and downs, the pros and cons of writing a cookbook when you know not what to do!

  11. If anyone is interested in some Local Craft Beer based humour, reviews, and drinking news. Monica has a wee blog.