Sunday, 9 October 2011

Petit Fours + More

A big photo shoot this week as I'm off across the ditch later this week and will leave Grant and Katie to write up some recipes in my absence.

Below we have a Chocolate trio, Crème Brûlée (edit), a Strawberry *something*, Fudge and Turkish Delight, Sugared Olives (ah-huh), and Goats cheese mousse.


  1. Strawberry and Rhubarb Soup!
    Something, something, something.......
    Oh my goodness, Oooh and the French I'm sure will just adore your creative spelling!
    Ha ha, this is fun!
    Olives look amazing, and so does the fudge etc.

  2. Soup? Seriously! There has to be a better name for it hat that. Room temperature gelato sounds terrible yet better than soup.

    We obviously need help naming some of these - help please!

    Broulee, yep - you can have that one - but I can edit damn it!!

  3. You're right, pureed fruit, finished as a pleasant tasting liquid........... um thats not soup????


    A liquid food prepared from meat, fish,fruit or vegetable stock combined with various other ingredients and often containing solid pieces.

    I need help?! Ha ha

  4. I'm not debating the validity of the word soup, and in your dictionary you'll find many words for all manor of things, some with similar definitions. What I am saying and I don't mean to hurt feelings here, is "strawberry soup" sounds drab {/drab/ adj: Lacking brightness or interest}, and it needs a description that removes the notion that it's an unset jam drink. Rhetorical question: Why use the term Brûlée when custard would suffice so far a dictionary was concerned. Marketing language - calling a spade a delightfully bucolic colonial winner facing north and offering a unique opportunity to the handyman.

  5. Its a shot of soup,
    When one puts a shot of soup in a shot glass what else could it be called.
    Custard would suffice, except for the fact you are referring to the practice caramelising the top, rather than the main ingredient.
    Creme would be the custard, and Brûlée translates to burnt!
    And another thing, the soup may sound drab but has an undeniable brightness, and blah blah blah!
    Wow this is more fun than photos!

  6. Sorry brightness is denied. - But I think you've almost cracked it. Shot. Strawberry and Rhubarb Shot. A drink, much sexier than soup.

  7. How can you say that, its a vibrant red!
    I refer my case to exhibit one, the third photo, you know the rather vibrant red one......

  8. Was referring to the word soup. I ate/drank the soup and it was awesome - too awesome for soup.