Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The pictures that started the whole idea.

So a lot of hard work has been done on this book up until now. We have loads of pictures, a few stories, and a lot of recipes to show for it.
We are heading into the busy season not only for our restaurant, but for Scotty, who is soon to be wed.
So apologies if the posts have been less frequent than they could have been.
While writing a post yesterday it occurred to me that the first pictures we took weren't even on the blog. So I have decided to put them up.

Bit of background, Katie and I asked Scotty to help us with a professional entry into the New Zealand Hospitality Awards Of Excellence.
(We needed to defend our title of serving the best Lamb dish in New Zealand.)

We worked well together, tasted some wine, and had an idea......... (Turned out to be this blog.)
Here are the original pictures.

Mint Dining Room