Monday, 31 October 2011

Back into it.

Well, young Scotty has been away for a week or so in Aussie land. Not the place I would want to be when we knocked them out of the world cup... anyhow.

We had a great brainstorming session, we shortlisted many suppliers we know and like.
Had a trial run at assembling some ingredients pictures to accompany the recipes, and then thought......NO, we need more!
So we will also travel to some places and show where the ingredients come from.

I have been drafting intro's for the recipes, and ingredients.
I was amazed how easy it came out.......but how it wasn't reading the way I was trying to write it. DOH!

Still, a couple of glasses of Nelson Sauvignon Blanc and it flowed so much easier.
Wierd. I put it down to letting the ingredients talk for themselves, and the bigger the glass, the better they spoke.

So Blackenbrook, I thank you for the intro to the cured salmon, and the goats cheese mousse!

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