Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The big bake off

So, embarrassing video posted....Thanks Scotty!

We had a lot of fun baking up a storm the other day, we have 'proved' (bakery humour) the recipes to be successful.

Bit of a mission scaling them down from restaurant sized to home cook size.

But we have now completed a whole section of our 'book'......... well my content anyway, still needs Scotty's magic.

Bit of background, Katie and I asked Scotty to help us with a professional entry into the New Zealand Hospitality Awards Of Excellence.
(We needed to defend our title of serving the best Lamb dish in New Zealand.)

We worked well together, tasted some wine, and had an idea......... (Turned out to be this blog.)

By the way, we are finalists, serving one of the top 4 Beef dishes, as well as Lamb dishes in New Zealand! So thanks Scotty!
Awards 4th November 2011, keep you posted.