Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Well, first blog. - What are we doing here?


I'm Scotty, I'm a graphic designer and a photographer. I've known Grant since we played soccer for Stoke suburbs - under 11's I think. We'd fight over who'd play goalie as neither of us have ever been strong runners.

We do share another interest which is loosely founded on the avoidance of incentive cardiovascular activity - I'm talking about good food. Grant is the head Chef of The Mint Dining Room here in Nelson. He and his wife Katie own and operate this fine establishment and have gathered a collection of accolades and awards. Both have vast expertise in culinary arts and food service.

And I like to eat.

I've recently(-ish) graduated a Bachelor of Media Arts and started my own design firm. Having dabbled working in pro kitchens from time to time, and the aforementioned interest in food has led me to combine this with my photography.

I've learnt that it pays to have a passion project to work on - something you can do your own way, and that's what I hope to achieve here with this book.

We'd  like you (yes you reading this) to join us as we attempt to make a foodie book, give us your ideas, comments, feedback, suggestions. Any and all participation is welcome. We may not know what we're doing... it's an experiment, but lets see how it goes!

[ hard can it be? - I wish you hadn't said that]

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